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    Why Ten Mile?

    I love this question.

    I’ll give you the short version…

    I had just moved to Idaho. I was also training for a full Ironman and was running a lot of mileage at that time. I would use this time to think and process. I would process life and think about my business. I was so desperate for a name for my new Idaho counseling practice. And then it hit me. Ten Mile Road (Are you familiar with it?) …. so I stopped running and looked up “What does the number 10 mean?” And this is what I found.

    The number 10 means that you have completed a cycle in your life and that a new chapter is about to begin. It marks the full stop at the end of one cycle and the deep breath before the beginning of the next. Ten is related to change and shifts in thinking. It can show up to remind us of the importance of cultivating positive energy as a way of drawing positive energy toward you. It also talks of old cycles ending so new spiritual awakenings can begin. 

    The more I researched, the more Ten appealed to me. For years, I had been running miles, both figuratively and literally. I was facing my own shifts and changes. I had made a big change (lots of them) to end old cycles and move towards a more positive energy. And one of those changes just happened to be a move from Washington to Idaho. A move that landed me in a home right off of Ten Mile Road. I was starting something new. I had sat in liminal space… in that pause, that breath (I love this concept!).

    In my own therapy, I had redeemed all of my parts (I love IFS work!). I had come full circle. This number represents the work that I had done and the work that I get to do alongside my clients every day. This is the hero’s journey. This is the road to wholeness. 

    For me it just made sense. 

    Ten Mile Counseling…healing is here!