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    What groups do we offer?

    Betrayal Trauma Support

    Divorce & Beyond

    Start Again Group (dating support)

    Deconstruction & Religious Trauma

    Starting out in group can be scary.

    When I ask a client to join a therapy group, many are willing but most are hesitant about the prospect. For those who decide to participate in group therapy ā€“ be it right away or after months of contemplation ā€“ the benefits of participating in a group far outweigh the concerns. These individuals realize that benefits of group therapy are seen very early in the process. They come to learn that there is relief and comfort in knowing that they made the right choice.

    Below is a list of the main benefits of joining group therapy as one part of your recovery process.

    1.) In group therapy you realize you are not alone and you find other people who are facing similar issues. Healing and recovery cannot happen in isolation. Connection is absolutely necessary. Connection is an integral aspect of group therapy.

    2.) In group therapy you can express your feelings and identify with one another in a safe, confidential environment. The safety of the group and the confidentiality of the group will provide a welcoming, nonjudgmental place to share your story. You will be heard, accepted and comforted on your journey.

    3.) In group the trauma and betrayal is validated by others. Group members often report a deep sense of relief when they realize they are not alone in the pain that they feel. They come to realize that they are not crazy. Others have had similar experiences and together they can learn to share, cope and heal.

    4.) In group therapy you gain clarity on what changes you want to make in life and relationships. The experiences, tools and techniques of the group are great sources of wisdom.

    5.) In group you discover what it looks like to move through fear, anger and uncertainty. Others in the group will have been where you are. You can see and hear the power of group therapy at work in the lives of others in the group.

    6.) In group therapy you can learn effective coping skills and discover new patterns and responses to life stressors. Group members learn these skills together. Group members practice these skills together. Group members experience the power of these skills together.

    7.) In group therapy you rebuild self-esteem, experience trust and regain emotional strength.

    8.) In group you have a shared goal of moving toward healing and recovery.

    In group, relationships are made. Intimacy and vulnerability are experienced. Shame is reduced. Healing is gained. Therapy group is a safe haven in a time of crisis and confusion making it a way to survive the impact.

    More Details:

    Group is currently virtual and run via a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom. They are 12-weeks in length and require a 12-week commitment. They are 90 minutes in length each week and are $70 per group session. I do ask for a group screening intake. This helps us to determine if group is a good fit for your needs. That screening intake is 53 minutes and is $175.

    How I Can Join?

    Feel free to learn more about the groups offered by Ten Mile Counseling, click HERE.

    If you are fearful or hesitant to join a support, give me a call or send me an email.

    I would be happy to meet with you to talk more about the benefits of therapy group.